2010 – Project during my studies

Fire to extinguish banner

Fire to Extinguish is my first game made in Xna and C#.
This game uses a camera class, animated sprites and can be controlled with an xbox control.
This was my first assignment and i played around a bit and tested som functions.

The game basically goes out on fire ice orbs on falling fire.
When you reach over 1000 in score you win, there are 2 degrees of hardness in the game, one where you can stear the player around on the screen, and one when u can’t.

2010 – Project during my studies


Star Destroyer is a game made in c++ with Hge.

In this game I tried out particle effects and using lists as an inventory, the result came out quite good.
A resourceManager adds all the information to read outside the game(pictures, music, etc) in my hash table that contains list.
The hash tables uses list to prevent collision to occur so often.

You play as a meteor with a mission to collect and erase all the stars that grown to big in space.
Use Left, Right and Up to control the meteor.
Stars have immense power and allows you to teleport by pressing T.
Press the purple meteor to open inventory, or press I.
Press it again to close.
Toogle between your items with Left ,Right, Up & Down.
Delete items by pressing Enter, or click on them with the mouse.
Walk in the left or right corner to explore the space.
Avoid the space ships and the black holes!

2010 – Project during my studies

The Filcher

The Filcher is a game made in c++ with Hge.

The game starts in a garden full of apples.
And as a filcher, it’s you job to filch them!
Collect all apples you can find, but don’t let the garderners catch you.
If they do, you will loose.

2009 – Project during my studies

Snow Avoider

During a 1 week project I made a game named snow avoider, which is inspired somewhat from tetris.

You play as a fallen stone from the moon, and your job is to reach it again.
You still have some lifeforce left in you, but it gets weeker the more snow you touch.
Avoid the falling snow, jump on them as they pile up on eachother, but dont stand to long, you are hot so they will melt.
Reach the moon to raise booth your score and the moon.
Now… start all over again and keep going until you die!

2009 – Project during my studies

Killer Mouse Banner

During a summercourse at Bth I made a flash game named Killer Mouse.

You play as a flying mouse with your objective to kill all your natural enemies, before they kill you..
Fly through 5 different stages, each with different enemies and bosses!
Collect extra points and upgrades to increase your score even further.
Survive until the end, and win!!