Star Destroyer is a game made in c++ with Hge.

In this game I tried out particle effects and using lists as an inventory, the result came out quite good.
A resourceManager adds all the information to read outside the game(pictures, music, etc) in my hash table that contains list.
The hash tables uses list to prevent collision to occur so often.

You play as a meteor with a mission to collect and erase all the stars that grown to big in space.
Use Left, Right and Up to control the meteor.
Stars have immense power and allows you to teleport by pressing T.
Press the purple meteor to open inventory, or press I.
Press it again to close.
Toogle between your items with Left ,Right, Up & Down.
Delete items by pressing Enter, or click on them with the mouse.
Walk in the left or right corner to explore the space.
Avoid the space ships and the black holes!

Music: ”Lightless Dawn” & ”Spacial Harvest” by Kevin MacLeod .